Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mr. Coffee 2.3 oz. Coffee Grinder (review)

by Philippa Lane

I love a fresh brewed cup of coffee, but to experience a rich and flavorful cup of coffee it is necessary to grind my own coffee beans and now I am able to do this with a Mr. Coffee 2.3 oz. Grinder. This grinder grinds coffee beans to perfection, but it also grinds up so much more, such as cloves, flax seeds, and dried herbs.

Mr. Coffee makes a variety of kitchen appliances that help with preparation of hundreds of food recipes and one of the most efficient Mr. Coffee appliance is their basic grinder.  It comes in three colors- black, white, and chrome.  I have one in the color white and it matches my kitchen’s d├ęcor perfectly. The machine comes with a round chamber, which is perfect for grinding, a large transfer lid, one safety switch, and little rubber feet to help the grinder remain stable while in use.

Mr. Coffee makes an assortment of coffee grinders that have different features and settings. I have a basic model with only one setting, but it is powerful and efficient in handling all of my coffee grinding needs and most importantly, it gets the job done.

The grinder plugs into any household electrical outlet and is very easy to use. I just pour fresh coffee beans or dried herbs into the top chamber, close the lid, plug in the machine, click the switch and in just a few seconds my selected coffee beans, flax seeds, or herbs are ground up into a perfectly fine powder.  I then pour the ground up ingredients from the chamber into a bowl and clean the chamber with a damp cloth.  It is important to note that the coffee grinder should never be immersed in water, which is fine, because it is easy to clean with a wet cloth.

I am very impressed with the Mr. Coffee Grinder. I think everyone that enjoys making fresh coffee or likes to grind up fresh, dried herbs at home should have this machine in their kitchen. It just makes things so much easier in everyday food and beverage preparation and I highly recommend it.

You can find Mr. Coffee 2.3 oz. Coffee Grinder at  for $17.99

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