IMUSA Cookware Appliance Gift Guide (Review)

by Philippa Lane                                             

It’s time to start cooking!

It has not been easy for me to get excited about cooking. I probably should be, but most of the time, I am not.  It really helps me to get in the swing of things when I have the right cooking appliances/utensils and when I do it makes a world of difference.

Based in the United States, IMUSA is the #1 Hispanic and international cookware company. They make a wide variety of appliances that help to make daily food preparation and cooking easier.  Today I would like to share with you a few of my favorites.

IMUSA Lava Rock Molcajete with Gift Box: I love to make fresh guacamole, salsa, grinding my own spices, and I like using the IMUSA Lava Rock Molcajete to prepare these recipes. The molcajete is made from authentic volcanic lava, so it is a bit heavy, which makes it more stable. The large size accommodates a variety of ingredients and with the pestle can crush up avocados, onions, tomatoes, nuts, herbs, spices, as well as flowers to make essential oils. Molcajetes are really not a new innovation and have been around for hundreds of years, long before blenders and food processors existed. I do have to use manual pressure to crush up my ingredients and noticed when first using the lava rock molcajete to make guacamole; I tasted tiny bits of lava rock that had crept into the food, even after rinsing the bowl before using it.  I learned that if you put some uncooked dried rice in the molcajete and crush it up with the provided pestle, this action will help loosen any excess lava, which can then be easily rinsed away before grinding your chosen ingredients.  One of the reasons that I like using a molcajete when making salsa or guacamole is because I do not need to use electricity and the food can be left in the molcajete, without the need to be placed in another bowl.  It makes a great centerpiece with chips surrounding it.  The 2-piece mortar and pestle set comes in a gift box and is available at Macy’s for $39.99.

IMUSA 7 Piece Asian Gift Set with 12″ Non-Stick Wok: Sometimes if I want a quick and simple meal that does not take much time to make, I like the IMUSA 7 piece Asian Gift Set with a 12” Non-Stick Wok. The set includes a 12” cooking spatula, 13” cooking spatula, 12” cooking spoon/paddle, 12” cooking solid turner, 12 bamboo food tongs, 13” cooking chop sticks, half moon rack, and a 12” non-stick steel wok with wood handles. I put a small amount of olive or coconut oil in the wok, place the wok on my stove, turn up the heat, add stir fry vegetables, then take one of the wooden spatulas, quickly stir all of the vegetables in the wok, and in a few short seconds my vegetables are ready to be served. Usually, I eat the vegetables by themselves or I put them over brown rice with some soy sauce. I do not recommend that you put a lot of sticky sauces into the wok, only because it is not easy to clean, even if it is supposed to be a non-stick wok. The included tempura rack is easy to use as well and I am able to make tempura style tofu and place it on the rack, which allows the oil to drip down into the pan while keeping the tofu hot and crisp. This set does not come with a lid, which would have been great to have to help keep the grease from “popping” out of the wok at times. Because of this, I give the wok set 4 out of 5 stars, because I think that a lid should have been included with the set. The wooden spoons, spatula, bamboo food tongs, and chop sticks are wonderful additions to the set and are sturdy utensils that make stir frying with the wok quick, fun, and easy. Available at Macy’s for $40.00.
IMUSA Chef's Citrus Juicer: I always have enjoyed the taste of fresh squeezed juice, but I do not like squeezing citrus fruits by hand, which is often messy and time consuming. IMUSA makes a juicer that is easy to use, inexpensive, stylish, and comes in three vibrant colors- yellow, orange, and green. I have the IMUSA Chef’s Citrus Juicer in the yellow color and it matches my décor perfectly.  The citrus juicer comes with a lever handle and it is a breeze to use.   To extract juice from lemons, oranges, grapefruits, or limes, simply place a sliced citrus fruit onto the domed part of the juicer; press down on the lever, and the juice flows into a stainless steel cup, while the strainer at the top catches the seeds, preventing them from falling into the cup. After the juice has been extracted, I pour the juice into another cup or drink it directly from the provided stainless steel cup. I like this juicer because it is quiet, does not require any electricity, and it can be taken on road trips and extract juice anywhere. Available at for $13.99.

IMUSA has a variety of products to choose from that are easy to use, innovative, and affordable. I have mentioned only a few of my favorites, but I highly recommend taking a look at all they have to offer.

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